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This ruling by Hon. Louis Stanton is utter bullshit. I am never giving another cent to Viacom, not through advertising dollars-- not one.



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I get that bicycling is very good for your cardiovascular health. However, when you ride several feet into the road and force me to swerve to avoid hitting you, I must ask: how healthy do you think you'll be after you bounce off the roof of my car?

Seriously people. You're not in cars. We are in no way physically matched. I will win this and consequently have to pay through the roof in insurance when my company compensates your grieving family, and I think that's a distasteful situation all around.
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I live in a large metropolitan area. One of those strange, contradictory elements inherent to a crowd of closely-packed people is that you seem to form fewer connections with those you encounter.

Hence it was all the more amazing what happened at the supermarket today.

I was trying to buy food from this woman behind the counter, pointing out the specific piece of chicken I wanted. She kept grabbing and throwing back down so rapidly different pieces of chicken that every time I said, "Yeah, that one!" she'd already tossed it back down again. This happened about three times. Finally I gave up and just took the one she was holding that particular 1/4th second.

I didn't get what I wanted because she stupidly kept grabbing stuff and immediately tossing it away again, and she was irritated because she'd wasted several minutes grabbing various pieces and (I assume) thought I was just being dumb and indecisive.

She and I gazed into one another's eyes, and in that moment I knew-- just knew-- that we were thinking the exact same thing about each other: 

"What an idiot!"

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